Frank McCourt Opens Up Pocketbook, Helps LSU Coach Make Up Mind

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This MLB draft news calls for Money Baby: noted cheapskate Frank McCourt spent some cash! And not just a pittance, either. McCourt's Dodgers gave first round pick Zach Lee a five million dollar signing bonus, a team record. The imposing righthander made more than twice as much as bonus baby Clayton Kershaw did just four years ago.

But really, why is this big news? Take it away, Dilbeck:

Most teams considered Lee unsignable after the dual-sport star expressed interest in playing quarterback at Louisiana State. Lee reported to LSU and had been in camp with the football team.

When reports circulated it would take $5 million to sign the right-handed pitcher, teams backed off and the 6-foot-4 Lee fell to the Dodgers with the 28th pick.

Many suspected the Dodgers selected Lee because they had no intention of actually spending first-round money on a draft pick while owners Frank and Jamie McCourt were going through their mega divorce.

True, many did suspect that nefarious idea, including your faithful McCourt-hating blogger. So I must apologize in this case: Frank McCourt is a hero for throwing his hard-earned dollars at this young star-in-the-making and saving him from the violent, ugly, and irrational sport of college football. Crowning a champion based on the whims of sportswriters and tortilla chip companies? That's just silly!

But at least McCourt saved LSU football coach Les Miles from making a tough decision on his QB depth chart. Just pick the guy who's still there, amirite? Shame that McCourt couldn't save Miles from making ill-fated predictions back in June. Oh well. Forget it, Les. It's Baton Rouge.

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If he's a Les Miles type player, it's a good thing that baseball doesn't have a clock

If he's a Les Miles type player, he's gonna need a bigger cap.

LOVE: College football

LOVE: Money
LOATHE: Slumlord McCourt

LOVE: Tortilla chips
LOATHE: Sportswriters

Wow, Iracane apologizes for being wrong. This is just like that time that Lupica- wait, nevermind.

I guess Zach Lee doesn't care for little league fields.

Is Michael Bay directing the "mega-divorce?" MORE RACIST ROBOTZ

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