Get Ready To Get Sick Of Conan O'Brien

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What'd you say, fanboy? That's impossible? It's not. Back when TBS signed your beloved ginger yukmaster to a contract (thus ending your hunger strike, TAKE THAT NBC) you probably weren't even thinking of how the Superstation was going to beat you over the head with Conan previews during the Divisional series and ALCS. Just like DMac prophesized for George Lopez, if you watch enough of this year's playoffs O'Brien's goofy mug will be burned in your retinas faster than you can say "Frank Caliendo." Did you hear that he has big hair? Cause he does!

Two promos have already been rolled out for the show's November launch and surely there are some baseball themed ones in the pipeline. Apart from baseball I never see a second of TBS programming, and I suspect I'm not alone. It's hard to blame the station for inundating scores of baseball only viewers with promos for the admittedly limited amount of original programming they produce. Despite their nearly guaranteed exclusion from the postseason, I still look forward to O'Brien dusting off his oft dormant Red Sox fandom, a la Michael Chiklis and Robert Redford. Zzzzz. Even though they look alike, Doris Kearns Goodwin is ten times the Boston fan Conan is. You'd never see her in a loathesome Flyers jersey.

Yes folks, now that Chip Caray is gone from your October, the only people fisting you 6 weeks from now will be Conan O'Brien and the TBS marketing department. Let's see if you're sick of him before his show even starts.

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News flash: Liakos is a closet Leno fan.


Headline brought to you by January 2010.

Late night hate: you're doing it all wrong. There is plenty of room for both Conan and your beloved surrogate father Dave in the late night universe.


Heya, Paul . . . ya got any gum?

If you're not watching "My Boys" on TBS, then you're not watching a funny show about people doing things and saying stuff called "My Boys" on TBS.

This hate should be reserved for Tyler Perry's House of Payne.

Well, we already know that George Lopez has brought the party to late night. So what will Conan be contributing?

The only late night TV worth watching is Childrens Hospital.

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