In Cincinnati, Baseball On Radio as Popular as Chili on Spaghetti

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Wake your mother and let the llamas out, the Arbitron midseason baseball radio ratings are out! It'd take a Nate Silver to figure out just how accurate these ratings are; I can't imagine extrapolating an entire market based solely on the listening diaries of a handful of yokels and truck drivers. I'd hate to be employed in an profession that depends on the possibly-inaccurate entertainment choices of Americans, especially the ones in flyover states, for a dying industry like broadcast radio.

But still, there are some telling figures within. To wit:

  • On the average, 441,000 people in the New York area are listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman call a Yankees game, versus just 368,500 for the lesser Mets games.

  • Over 250,000 people listen to Cubs games while just over 100,000 listen to the White Sox. Once Ozzie Guillen gets fired and joins the radio broadcast booth, though, those numbers will flip-flop.

  • Despite having a market smaller than either San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles, the Detroit Tigers get a ton of radio listeners, at nearly 200,000 per game. Not bad for a third-place team; maybe everyone thinks Ernie Harwell is still alive.

  • The Angels have a radio audience that is, on average, two-thirds larger than that of the Dodgers. Probably because Angels fans can't afford televisions? I dunno.

  • Most importantly: during Reds games, a whopping TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of men between the ages of 25 and 54 in the greater Cincinnati area are listening to baseball on the radio.

Imagine that: one out of every four adult men are listening to Dusty's first-place Redlegs instead of some other radio dreck, like traffic on the twos or some silly, fake Top 40 stunt. With a population of just over 2.2 million, having 116,000 listeners on average is pretty impressive and it's twice the listening rate of the Yankees.

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If people think being a Yankees fan is easy, listen to Sterling and Waldman on the radio.

Also, that link for the top 40 station is for the shittiest radio station up here, unless you love shitty music than I guess it is a good station.

Rob LOVES Lady Gaga

Let me tell you about this interesting thing I heard on NPR this morning.

Admittedly, I have tried hard not to like the Gaga, but no matter what I do, I find myself thinking, "Goddamn, she has some catchy, good songs."

Males age 25-54 comprise approximately 20 % of the population of an average American DMA. And during baseball game times (evenings and weekend afternoons), approximately 20-30% of those men have their radios on, which means that the Reds games do a rating of 5-7, which is comparable to "hit" TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and CSI.

Also, maybe the reason the Dodgers radio audience is so small is because after the 4th inning, Vin Scully's call of the game can only be heard on TV.

I love top 40 radio - where else can you here Katy Perry 5 times in 2 hours?


In my bedroom. OH!

Stop with the Skyline references, please! The cheese is tasteless and may as well be styrofoam. The chili is watery and lacks the slightest bit of spice, can I have a steaming bowl of beef asshole soup, extra water please? The dog is smallish, not a high enough fat content and also lacking in spices. The bun is stale overprocessed white bread, not even steamed. Basically the whitest, blandest, shittiest chili dog imaginable. It is the awkward WASP of casual food.

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