In Yankee Stadium Bleachers, Beer Is For Drinking AND Throwing

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Via the Zell Pinstripes Blog comes this catty bleachers fight between two lovely young ladies, one of whom may have slept with the other one's boyfriend. Or not! Maybe that gal threw the icy, sudsy beer to cool down her friend and prevent heat stroke. I'm not Judge Judy, I don't know the real story.

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Was the guy that said. "go back to Jersey" talking to Rob?

Also, I'm disappointed that the girls didn't rip each others shirts off.

I'm all for throwing beers but throwing a $10 beer?

More fun from Yankee Stadium.

They should have arrested the guy that kept yelling "barstool sports"

I'm with Matt on this one. If it's a 2 dollar Coors Light, then throw away! But if you paid more than, say, 7 bucks, then finish it off and live to fling another day.

@Ed, or finish the beer, pee in the cup and then throw it on someone.

oh, THERE ya go! Urine, cheap beer... what's the difference?

Ms. Wahoo is from the Bronx and I guarantee you that broad would be spitting out teeth if she were involved.

/not sure I should be proud of that

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