It Couldn't Be Any Worse Than Marley & Me, Could It?

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Via The Brothers Mottram comes this trailer for the upcoming motion picture oddly titled How Do You Know?, starring Owen Wilson as a Nationals relief pitcher and, somewhat more bizarrely, Reese Witherspoon as a professional softball player.

If you think that title is a stinker, the studio actually changed it from Everything You've Got, another phrase I don't want to speak aloud at a movie theater box office. Director James L. Brooks may make cinematic magic from time to time, but consider the list of his recent output: Spanglish. As Good As It Gets. I'll Do Anything. Would it kill him to get a little descriptive in the naming of these films?

Still, I'll gladly see this movie before I ever see Marley & Me, that awful Owen Wilson movie where he sacrifices a golden retriever in the middle of a Marlins game.

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Oh, man. I am sooooooooooooooooooo going to see that. I'm just fucked off enough to cry at some point during it too. Who's in?

Spanglish was awesome.

What no Vince Vaughn in this movie? He must be busy.


Of course she plays SOFTBALL - R. Dibble

No hot softball player on softball player action . . . yet.

I would choose Paul Rudd.

Based on the shots of the bullpen, Wilson's # appears to be 37. Surely that's just a coincidence.

A second vote for Rudd.

Third vote for Rudd. I would literally watch Paul Rudd watch himself dance. NUDE TAYNE.

They shot this in Philly. It was all the papers wrote about for 3 weeks. Wilson and Witherspoon are hefty tippers, if the gossip columns are to be believed.

Thanks for the 4-1-1, Cindy Adams.

Holy God that looks awful.


That has to be the longest trailer I've ever seen.

Yeah, they were all over Philly for a while. I got bitched out by the crew members because I rode my bike through a shot they were setting up. Sorry, Reese.

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