It's Bud Selig Statue Day!

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Are kids in Milwaukee back in school yet? Well if they are GET EM OUT! Today is the unveiling of Commissioner For Life Bud Selig's statue outside of Miller Park. The statue is about 7 feet tall giving it the exact same size and mobility of Andrew Bogut. So how's our newly deified King Tut doing so far this season, anyway?

As the sorry steroid saga rounds into its new indict-y phase, MLB as an active league is managing to stay mostly out of the fray. Public hand wringing stays primarily focused on ex-players. No one says a damned thing about Alex Rodriguez or any of the other current guys who've been caught. And as we all saw yesterday, team revenue continues to be strong for even the little guys.

The two primary bugaboos are oldies. Length of games remains a problem, despite there being a renewed focus on taming it in the league office. Just the other day whilst covering a game I was peeking over an MLB official's shoulder as he critiqued the pace of the Blue Jays/Red Sox game. Without giving too much away... John Buck may want to hustle in and out of the dugout a little more quickly. Big Brother doesn't like your moseying.

Somewhat related to the game length issue is the increasing focus on umpires in the wake of instant replay debate and that whole Armando Galarraga thing. Their every move is being watched, critiqued and noted for posterity at each game as well. The league is doing its diligence when it comes to these issues, it's the action towards remedy that remains lacking.

In that way, Year 19 of El Jefe's reign is much the same as years one through eighteen. And that makes a giant bronze statue a truly perfect token of the man. I'm looking forward to nonchalantly putting a piece of gum on it.

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No Kris, we have not started school yet. I dunno about public schools, but college don't start until September 2nd.

Maybe I'll take the 20 minute drive over to Miller Park and make this "Bud Selig's Statue Gets Destroyed the Same Day It's Put Up Day."

Go take pictures and send em to us!

I love this picture, but I think it needs something. Perhaps a steam-propelled zeppelin?

I believe he's also going to be there today too which is even better.

Unfortunately, I don't believe the Brewers organization, or the Milwaukee police would look too kindly upon destroying the statue. I've already got enough arrests, I don't need to actually go to jail this time, so perhaps I shall play it safe.

You win this one Bud.

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