Jose Canseco Run From Home; Hits Home Run

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It was another rollercoaster week in the life of former MVP and human punching bag Jose Canseco. First off, Hose had been renting a place in LA. It was just a little love nest, a launching pad for an impending career in showbusiness, perhaps. A place to while away the hours until his ship came in. Well, it appears that ship took too long cause Hose skipped two months rent and got evicted. Oof.

It's quite a fall from Sports Hero to Good Times Episode, but if there's one sure way for our man to get back on his feet, it's by hitting some dingers! Hose signed on with with the Laredo Broncos of the independent league. It was a pretty humdrum run of the mill minor league publicity stunt until last night, when Hose hit a tater tot!

  • Jose Canseco, who just signed an independent minor league contract with the Laredo Broncos of the the United League, homered in his debut on Monday night.

    Although Canseco did not start, he pinch-hit in the sixth inning and smacked the third pitch of the at-bat to left-center field.

    "My first step was getting back into the game, in whatever way, shape and form," said the 46-year-old. "I don't know how I'll perform physically, since I'm 46 and haven't played at this level in a long time. We'll see what happens."

    Oh don't be soy coy, Hose. You know you'd go boom. How'd you like to be the guy that gave up that ding dong? He's even more pathetic than the next person who rents Canseco an apartment. Or writes yet another blog post about him. Wait a second.

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    Meanwhile, Ozzie Canseco is devastated right now. The refrigerator box that he had been living in was totally wrecked in a recent rainstorm.

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