Mets Fan Takes Bat To Face; Proves Brain Damage With Asinine Lawsuit

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50 year old Jerseyite James Falzon was attending a 2007 Mets game in typical fashion: accompanied by his son, dad, nephew and some lukewarm enthusiasm. All that changed when Luis Castillo stepped to the plate, broke his bat and then jacked up Falzon's face. Careful with that link if you don't like gore.

Dude's injuries were pretty extensive and someone should probably be responsible for helping him pay the bills. But if you had any doubt that he had some internal injuries in that mashed up head, let his lawsuit assuage those fears. Falzon is basically suing everyone that was in the stadium that day.

The ugly 2007 encounter during a Mets-Braves game turned Falzon into a bloody mess, with injuries that included multiple facial fractures and left him with pins in his jaw and metal plates in his face.

Falzon's suit also targets the bat's manufacturer, the Mets, Major League Baseball and even Ramon Castro - the beefy backup catcher who loaned Castillo his lumber for the seventh inning at-bat. It seeks an undisclosed sum of money.

The suit takes issue with maple bats like the one used by Castillo, saying they put fans and ballplayers in harm's way because they break more easily than bats made of ash. And it blames villainous ex-Giants slugger Barry Bonds for their rise in popularity among hitters, thanks to his record-setting 73-home run season in 2001.

I'm surprised Bonds wasn't sued for being a trendsetter. You gotta think that Castillo and Castro will be freed from any liability and that a settlement will most likely be reached between Falzon, the Mets and possibly the bat maker. Then again, Castro did plead no contest to rape one time, so maybe if Falzon holds out he'll crack. NO PUN INTENDED.

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matt_t: Castro's broken bat, or Castro on a date?

I would also sue those commies in China for introducing emerald ash borer in the US

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