Mets Go Trebek on K-Rod, Screw Him With Double Jeopardy Nonsense

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Adding injury to idiocy, it seems that Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez broke his thumb in the midst of walloping his father-in-law during a clubhouse confrontation. He had surgery yesterday and his season, along with that of the sub-.500 Mets, is presumably doneskis. The team, seemingly in a snit, announced that they would not pay K-Rod while he recovered from his injury and will not guarantee the remainder of his deal.

But the Mets have already punished Frankie Rodriguez for his little fracas with his chick's dad. They suspended him for two games, surely a small punishment for an alleged crime that was allegedly witnessed by many people. To take further action and dock the guy's paycheck because, oops, he broke his thumb in the melee is punishing Frankie twice (and a bit excessively) for one crime!

Rodriguez' contract, no matter how bloated it is and how irresponsible the Mets were to pay a guy who throws 75 innings a year that much dough, is guaranteed. Such is the nature of baseball deals. What the Mets are trying to do is dig into the rulebooks and legalese to void the remainder of his 2010 money and his entire 2011 deal. Perhaps it's an effort by owner Fred Wilpon to correct one of his own huge mistakes, sort of a clearing of the slate. Hey, we're overpaying this guy but we can void his contract because he got hurt beating up a middle-aged man! Let's do it, he seems to be thinking.

But the players union will be having having none of this, no sir! New union head Michael Weiner is going to file a grievance tout de suite, and they'll probably win. Perhaps, in the future, the Mets should do a full psychological evaluation of any free agents they sign. If something seems amiss, they can put in a "void the contract if you punch a family member" clause. Otherwise, the team has gotta pay up.

I don't know how I feel about the entire situation. I dislike Fred Wilpon and I dislike the Mets so my opinions on them are always biased, and I think what K-Rod allegedly did is quite despicable. Still, what the Mets are trying to do here just doesn't sound very kosher.

UPDATE: Via Jonah Keri, here's someone that disagrees with me.

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If not for the punching of the FIL K-Rod wouldn't be injured and miss the rest of the season. But if there was no exclusion in the contract for injuries occuring during felonies tough shit Wilpon.

C'mon Mets, K-Rod has a Lamborghini to feed.

Can we all agree that K-Rod is the absolute lamest nickname ever?

In Double Jeopardy, Johan Santana tells Trebek he wants "The Rapists" for $15,000.

I dunno, freetzy, it makes me think of quality programming.

Freetzy, I'm with you. K-Rod is an absolutely horrendous nickname and I never use it. Then again, I usually call him "The Mets Closer Guy", so maybe I'm not a good source here...

I am not a big fan of the Mets either but I don't blame them for trying. No matter what they do the union is going to file a grievance so might as well throw this shit on the wall to see if it will stick.

Sometimes I wonder if the Mets are the official "guinea pig" organization for MLB.

Hey Mets, when you've got Weiner on your ass, you're in trouble.
/yes, I went there
/pay the idiot his '10 cash

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