Mets Opening Day at Shea Stadium - 1980

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Kris is on vacation today so it's my big chance to do some lazyblogging and dip into the great video treasure trove of retro baseball clips on the YouTubes. I closed my eyes, reached in, and pulled out user gregnugget's home movies from the Mets home opener way back when in 1980, when the Mets had a scrappy new owner by the name of Freddy Wilpon. Imagine that thirty years ago, parking at Shea Stadium was just $2.50 per game, and $1.25 if you got in before 11AM.

Look closely and you'll see Mets manager Joe Torre accept a good luck wreath from Bill Shea, the man most responsible for bringing National League baseball back to New York City almost 20 years earlier. Look even closer and you'll see some greaseball from Ronkonkoma pass out from drinking too much Meister Brau in the bleachers.

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The music drops out halfway through so just put this song on in the background for a historical reference point from April, 1980.

How exactly does one go on vacation from being a shiftless bum? Work for a day?

Meister Brau? I'm pretty sure the Mets were still serving Ballantine Ale back in 1980.

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