Mike Sweeney Makes Instant Impact with Phillies

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The astute hirsute Mariners blogosphere had a lot of fun with Mike "Hugs" Sweeney's role as the Mariners designated white-guy hugger over the past few years. Sure, he was hurt often and produced marginally at best; but once that big bear got his claws on ya, it was all over but the crying.

Fast-forward to this stretch drive, the Phillies found themselves down one large first baseman. Ruben Amaro sought out the best replacement for Ryan Howard he could: Mike Sweeney, Designated Hugger.

You could point to his tidy .624 OPS as a Phillie and say "Mike Sweeney has done close to nothing of substance since moving east." To you I say: bull roar.

Look at the smile on that man's face. Look at the joy as he lives out Meech's dream by embracing Dom Brown after Brown's moonshot dislodged a piece of the International Space Station. You can talk all you want, you can't put a price on joy.

Thanks to Gameday for being so lovable and screenshotable.

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Ross Gload: Designated Bench Player Just Slightly Better Than Greg Dobbs

At least Ross Gload can field his damn position in a semi-competent way.

Mike Sweeney: "Aaaww, c'mere, ya big lug!"

Mike Sweeney whisper: "Has anyone told you about your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?"

Kirby Puckett was the designated hugger of fat white chicks in MN


@BCTF, I believe the term you are looking for to describe Puckett is "designated hogger."

Sweeney loves to incorporate the Vulcan death grip into his hugs.

My mistake. It's been a long time since I have heard that term. It brings back great memories.

Watching Sweeney play on a nightly basis is like watching your Uncle play two-hand touch at your family reunion. You know he's going to get hurt, it's just a matter of how bad the injury will be and you hope that he doesn't blame you for it.

I thought you were going somewhere else with it when you said "watching your Uncle play two-hand touch"

+1 BCTF, you're killing it this week.

Someone needs to calculate his value over replacement fistbumps.

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