News Jews Can Use: Mets Needn't Answer to Higher Authority

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A mensch-y judge in Brooklyn has temporarily ordered the Mets to quit meddling in religious rules while a lawsuit brought by one of the vendors at CitiField is still pending in federal court.

"I cannot get involved in (a dispute) over rabbinical law," Brooklyn Judge Jack Weinstein said with a smile during a hearing Friday.

Kosher Sports, which has a 10-year contract to sell franks and other good at the stadium, sued the Mets after being told they couldn't operate on Friday nights and Saturdays.

The Mets say the company can't be kosher if they're operating during the Sabbath, when many religious Jews don't work.

Not sure what the Mets' angle is here; perhaps some of their customers were complaining that a catering company that claims to keep kosher was vending their noshes during the Sabbath observation. But since Kosher Sports sells wieners to both Jews and goyim alike, Judge Weinstein is allowing them to continue peddling their kosher cuisine until the dispute is resolved.

There's nothing quite like a foot-long kosher hot dog slathered with brown mustard and tangy sauerkraut at a baseball game. Why team owner Fred Wilpon and Aramark, the gigantic food service conglomerate with control over all foodstuffs at Citi Field, need to put the kibosh on kosher goodies, I have no idea.

Perhaps the Mets should stop worrying about folks just trying to get by selling knishes and be a little more interested in their employees who seemingly don't work on weekends: the team's offense scored but two runs in this weekend's series loss to the rival Phillies. Whatta bunch of shmendriks.

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Oy gevelt.

If you can't call it Chinese food, if a Mexican is in the kitchen making it, then I have never had Chinese food.

I'm not sure if this is a useful analogy.

I'm hungry.

Mr. Met is the mohel who circumcised the home run apple.

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