No Room For Ted Williams on Nationals New Ring of Exploitation

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After five-and-a-half seasons of ignoring their past incarnations in a feeble attempt to make history of their own, the last place Washington Nationals will tonight unveil a Magical Ring of Honor at Nationals Park listing the Hall of Fame players who have been somehow connected to the team. Since the Nats were born out of the forced relocation of the Montreal Expos, both of the franchise's HOFers, Gary Carter and the recently-inducted Andre Dawson, now have their names emblazoned on the 100-level facade.

They're joined by former players of both iterations the Washington Senators, the Negro League's Homestead Grays, and the Minnesota Twins. Because I'll be dead in my grave before I ever recognize Harmon Killebrew as anything but a Twin. Heck, he only played two full seasons in Warshington anyway.

But! After I've spent a few years complaining that the Nats have been sweeping away any reference to their past, I shouldn't really be too upset that they are going way overboard on this. Eighteen names with room for eight more! Someday you'll see current Nats catcher Ivan Rodriguez' name up there, I guarantee it.

My question: what about the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams? Williams, who compiled a 219-264 record in three years managing in Washington in the late 1960s, will not be honored in Nationals Park. Why, I ask? After all, his 86-76 record in 1969 won him the Manager of the Year award. Is it not significant that the greatest hitter in the history of baseball once did so poorly as a manager that the team had to be relocated to Texas (where Williams led the team to a 54-100 record before getting canned)? So what if he's not in Cooperstown for his managerial aplomb: think of all the Red Sox fans the team could lure with the promise of their favorite legend's name hanging over a chili dog vendor!

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The Miami Heat have Michael Jordan's and Dan Marino's numbers retired. Certainly the Nationals can honor Ted Williams.

Nationals will induct Chili Davis next.

Kepping my fingers crossed for Bob Packwood to end up on there.

I impatiently await next spring's dedication of the Billy Carter bas-relief.

Heard the Nats are honoring Guy Clark on the 200 level.

Heard the Nats are honoring Guy Clark on the 200 level.

Screech's Best Friend and the African Queen are getting inducted into the Red Porch Hall of Fame

Will the Nationals put Joe Mauer's number up soon, or will they wait until he retires?

I wonder if Ted Stevens will crash this party.

Too soon!

No, Cory Lidle's plane crashed into Stevens' so Ted didn't get a chance to attend

Longtime senator Robert Byrd should be honored too. He must have been a pitcher that got a lot of swinging strikeouts because whenever I read or hear about him "KKK" is always brought up. Me must have struke out the side a lot.

"Me must have struke out the side a lot."

I think BCTF is having a struke.

By honoring Heinie Manush the Nats are disrespecting traditional family values.

It was supposed to say "He must have struck out the side a lot"

Sure he only played his first 2 seasons in the bigs for Washington and he's not in the HOF, but Jim Kaat* should be honored.

best pitcher not in the HOF.

"best pitcher not in the HOF."

Bert Blyleven farts in your general direction.

I admire your loyalty.

I hope they're hanging their heads in shame over freezing out Ted Williams.

Kaat pitched 14 seasons for the Sens/Twins, Blyleven only 9. And Kaat had a better career win % than Blyleven. Both should be in the HOF. The BWAA obviously hates pitchers that played for the Twins.

Off topic, but Tommy John is the second best lefty not in the HOF (Kaat's 17 GG's is makes him better than John). John had a better career win % than both Kaat and Blyleven.

@Kris, my loyalty to Kaat is undying. Mostly because of all the Yankees games I listened to him call.

I don't think win % and number of years a pitcher plays for a certian club should be a deciding factor on who is more deserving on getting into the HOF

And Blyleven had 242 CG and 60 CG SHO

@BCTF, I agree just throwing facts out there. Win % is far from the most important thing. All 3 of them had a career ERA of about 3.35.

I was just bringing up the years of service for the Twins as proof that the BWAA hates the former Twins pitchers.

Can we set up a TC Bear/Youppi!/Screech cage match where the winner gets enshrined in The Ring of Exploitation?

Do you think Pavano will go in as a Yankee, Indian, Marlin or Twin?

Also included in the Magical Ring of Honor: The winner of this season's Top Chef.

No way Gorge, they moved to New York, much like every other talented player developed by a small market club.

I've got a ring of honor with Padma's name on it.


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