Not To Keep: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Rangers at Rays, 1:10: Rays have made it look easy against the West leaders, scoring 16 runs in taking the first two games of the series. Derek Holland will try to block the broom closet for the Rangers and James Shields goes for Tampa. The Rangers tagged him for 10 hits and 6 runs in their last matchup.

  • Brewers at Cardinals, 2:20: Milwaukee took the first game of the series and St. Louis is now 2 games back of the Reds. Luckily for the Cards it's Adam Wainwright's turn in the rotation. Were he not in the same league as a certain Roy Halladay, he'd be getting quite a bit of Cy Young consideration. He's riding a 16 inning scoreless streak and has only given up 1 run in his last 22. His last start against Milwaukee was a 1 run CG. Cards will have to really try to lose their 4th straight. Randy Wolf "Band" for The Beers.

  • Padres at Cubs, 2:20: A three game win streak has extended San Diego's lead in the West to 5 games. The Cubs are so bad that USA Today put down the Infographs for a second and dedicated a whole column to theories on their sustained awfulness. The Pads start Clayton Richard and the Cubs start Casey Coleman, a man who hasn't pitched more than 3 innings in a game all season. Let's just go ahead and make that 4 straight for San Diego.

  • Jays at A's, 3:30: Rzepczynski vs. Gonzalez with rubber. Yes, have some.

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TOADY! He was one of the characters in Battletoads, right?

Oh, sure, correct the typo AFTER I make a snide comment about it. I see how it is...

I correct the typos after Rob points them out to me in snide IMs. Don't feel bad, Ed.

It's all good. It was a "be snide at your own risk" sorta deal anyway.

There's always the URL.

And in my unbiased opinion, Wainwright > Halladay this year.

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