Phillies Prospect Possessed Powder, Pinched in Pinellas

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Tyson Gillies, a prospect in the Phillies farm system, has been arrested in Pinellas County, Florida for cocaine possession. Gillies was part of the Cliff Lee deal with the Mariners; file this as yet another reason there was no good reason for Ruben Amaro to make that trade.

Gillies was released on $2,000 bail and now faces the shame of never having listened to Mike Schmidt:

Joke stolen from the inimitable ArkansasFred

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Canadian Corner OF Clobberer Carries Coke, Caught Chillin' by Constable

Gillies was passin out turkeys like Nino Brown baby

I can't believe I was too busy to write this post. Or maybe Rob was just worried I'd turn it into a novel on cocaine's performance-enhancing attributes.

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