Pittsburgh Hosts The First World Series Night Game - 1971

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In honor of tomorrow's #HEIST I searched YouTube for happy Pirates memories. This did not take very long. But the one I found is Classic TV Friday material all the way. It's the pregame for Game 4 of the 1971 World Series, aka the first ever WS night game. It includes some of my favorite things: funky intro music, funky Joe Garagiola suits, Curt Gowdy, Willie Stargell and Roberto Clemente. Can you imagine how many days of school/work you'd miss nowadays if they still had the playoff games during the day? Remember this video next time you complain about Fox keeping you up until midnight you provincial doofus. Please to enjoy.

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Hard to accept that Curt Gowdy, Roberto Clemente, and Pops are all no longer with us. All three were awesome.


I was expecting a cigarette commercial in the clip. Or a Schlitz ad.

Bummed I cannot make the heist. Have fun all.

This video clip has awkward jumps, right? Or do I have a brain tumor that causes me to zone out every 21 seconds?

I, too, am very sad for missing the Heist. I had an interview this morning, so drink a few for me and take a bunch of pictures. Oh, and pray to the God of your choosing that I get it.

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