Rob Dibble Is Sorry (That You Are Too Dumb To Get His Jokes)

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Under fire from points all over the baseball mediasphere, baseball commentator and accused misogynist Rob Dibble took to his personal blog at MASN Sports in an attempt to clear up his good name. Dibble, who accused a couple of female fans of yapping about shopping while he provided 'color commentary' for a recent Nats game, did his best to explain how he really feels about the ladies.

I'm not sure why Dibble needs to tell us that his mother, wife, and daughter (who, bizarrely, still wears a Coco Crisp Red Sox jersey) like the sport and are knowledgeable about the sport. How does that pertain here? It's like someone being accused of racism mentioning that he's got black friends.

Before Dibble even begins to apologize, he spouts off about how wonderful the sport of baseball is. Great, Rob, I agree! Baseball does transcend race, sex, and economic status! Then how does Dibble think he can encourage new fans to appreciate the sport when he spends five minutes insulting half of the audience? Dibble must have known he was wrong at the time, too, because his partner, Bob Carpenter, warned him to tread carefully.

Buried at the end of Dibble's staccato musings is his feeble attempt at an apology:

The other night I made an off-handed comment, the meaning of which may have been misconstrued beyond what was said. If any fan of this great game took offense, then he or she should know that this was neither my intention nor my history in the game.

Translated: Rob Dibble is sorry that you didn't get his joke and, if you took offense, you're just wrong. This is not an apology. This is a man who refuses to admit that what he said was offensive and made it seem that every woman who attended a baseball game and dared to talk was merely a chatty hausfrau. This is a man hiding behind the "greatness of baseball" when he knows that he prejudged people based on gender.

People with attitude's like Dibble's are the reason that there are so few women executives in the game, why there are so few women general managers, why there are so few women umpires, and heck, why there are approximately zero professional female baseball players. Instead, girls are forced to play a bastardized modified version of the sport at a young age and never really given the chance to succeed in a sport that they are more than capable of playing.

But I'm going off an a tangent. Rob Dibble may not specifically be the problem in the arena of women in baseball. I still think Dibble need not be fired for one offhanded, misogynistic remark, but rather for his hard-headed, dumb jock demeanor and his refusal to admit that folks who never played baseball can still speak intelligently about it. He's got a backwards way of looking at the game, and his anti-female comments are merely one bit of evidence of his bad attitude.

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Sorry, the only jokes I understand are from SCTV.

Obviously the only women who can understand baseball are women who give birth to baseball players, bang baseball players or are a result of the baseball players banging.

I'm confident he had a ghost writer for that blog post. I'll go to the grave thinking Dibble believes "misconstrued" was some pageant winner he banged on the road in Houston in 1990.

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