Robert Urich Had Excellent Control - 1979

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Yeah, so this is a pretty loose definition of "baseball video" but screw it. Here are the three reasons why I posted it:

1. Classic TV Friday Doesn't play by your rules.

B. Robert Urich went to Florida State.

iii. You get to see Daisy Duke dropped in a dunk tank.

Deal with it. Watch it. Wish you were born 30 years earlier. Please to enjoy.

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Robert Urich Had Excellent Control

That's what Barbara Stock said.

The sudden realization of her downfall registered in her eyes.
Howard must have been following me around my teenage years.

My stepmom could hit 3 in a row from 8 feet away.

Either way, Daisy Dukes + wet = WIN.

anybody see how last night episode of Cosell: For Hire ended?

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