Dodgers Turn Mannywood Into Moneywood, Amirite?

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Manny Ramirez has appeared in just 61 games this season, creampuffing his way back and forth to the disabled list with the frequency you'd expect from a 38-year-old Los Angeleno with a standing Tuesday night reservation at Chateau Marmont. So it comes as no surprise that the worsening Dodgers, in the middle of a franchise-crippling divorce case between the two most selfish human beings on planet Earth, have decided to shelve the Mannywood sign in left field of Dodger Stadium in favor of some more lucrative advertising signs.

So sayeth DILBECK:

It disappeared because -- surprise, surprise -- the Dodgers could make a buck. Or, at least, a better buck. The "Mannywood" banner has been replaced with signs sold to John Hancock and 790 KABC.

The Dodgers, however, are still selling Mannywood seats -- two tickets and two T-shirts for $99. The Dodgers said the banner space had been for sale all season, but they only recently found someone to put their John Hancock on it.

The John Hancock banner reads, "the future is yours," which I guess you could argue is still a plea to Manny.

That newspaperman's wry sense of humor and all-too-frequent usage of single-sentence paragraphs are disheartening. Time for me to pull down my "DILBECKWOOD" poster from above my bed.

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heh heh - DILBECK

+1 million gold bullion to whomever Photoshopped that bad boy.

That's not photoshopped. That's a real picture


Just send me a cashiers check, Phony.

Mannywood? More like Mannyweird, amirite?

Vladimir Shpunt wonders how many little league diamonds they'll build with all that AM radio cash.

Lasorda wanted to rename it Morning Wood in honor of the thing he can't get anymore naturally

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