Gunga Din: Today's Afternoon Games

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Dig up the garden, gramma: there are FIVE afternoon games to be followed today. Here's a quickly-thrown-together listicle that serves to review the action, or inaction if you are expecting milestone home runs:

  • Reds at Pirates, 12:35: Lots of baseballs got thrown at folks last night, starting with a beanball off Mike Leake's arm that felled WoW favorite Andrew McCutchen. Looks like Cutch's neck bruise wasn't too bad because he's in today's lineup. Johnny Cueto looks to stay undefeated on the road in PNC today and win the series for the Redlegs.

  • Blue Jays at Yankees, 1:05: Can Shaun Marcum continue the tidy pitching skillz of Toronto's young studs in the Bronx? I witnessed Ricky "Roma" Romero dominate with wormballs and lazy flies last night; the righty Marcum is more likely to strike dudes out today. Especially A-Rod, who will never ever again hit a homer, ever, never.

  • Brewers at Cubs, 2:30: Remember when Manny Parra was a WoW favorite? Well he stinks now. So do both of these teams. The Cubs haven't won a game since I left for vacation.

  • Giants at Rockies, 3:10: We'll see the Rockies on Saturday night at the #HEIST.

  • Royals at A's, 3:35: The Royals aren't very good.

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mother fucker, the one day I'm not home watching the game A-Rod hits his 600th.

Hey, look at that. Apparently, all we needed is for Iracane to make a snide comment about #600 in order for Rodriguez to finally hit it. Nice work!

The reverse Iracane jinx works.

Incidentally, McCutchen homered in the first inning today. Apparently, he's allright...

Round numbers! Loud noises!

Round numbers! Loud noises!

Thank god!!! Now they will stop breaking into games to show his AB's. Now if Bret Favre could just die already ESPN could get back to showing meaningful sports highlights.

"ESPN could get back to showing meaningful sports highlights"

This has never happened, ever. Thank god for MLB Network.

Fucking dish network doesn't have MLBN. I am usually at home for twenty minutes during lunch so have to watch ESPN to see baseball highlights but the last week or so all they have is "highlights" of A-Rod grounding out to SS or some football d-bag going on about Favre.

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