Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpg Hey kids, quit trippin'.

  • NOW that Alex Rodriguez has hit his 600th home run, wha...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • WILL there be more profane unpleasantness in tonight's Indians/Sox tilt?

  • IS J.A Happ the new ace of the Astros? He gets the start for that suddenly red hot squad in St. Louis.

  • NOW that the Gulf Of Mexico is like all back to 100% normal and shit nope no more worries happy days are here again, can I go back to worrying about Lindsay Lohan?

  • WHICH Garfield shirt should I wear on Saturday? I have so many.

Tomorrow we're back on the same #HEIST channel. You too, Lobster Baby.

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Obama is declaring “Mission Accomplished” on the oil spill cleanup. Because that worked so well for the last guy?

Hey BCTF, I can't wait to discuss politics with you at the HEIST! Oh wait right you're not coming so sorry to hear that.

Thanks for rubbing it in jerk.

He would have rubbed it harder if you went to the HEIST.

Wait, what?

PaNick, I was promised the same when Rob came to SF.
Welching is Icarane's strong suit.

This is my favorite Garfield shirt, Liakos.

The trivia question tonight for the Braves/Met's game tonight is who was on base when Andruw Jones drew a bases loaded walk to win the NLCS in 99.


Why doesn't everyone just wear a garfield t-shirt to the #HEIST? That way when everyone is sufficiently drunk enough, you can have a drunken best garfield shirt contest.

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