Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I'm under the truck.

  • DID you get to read all the cool stuff people wrote about the Heist? That video up there is the insano radio call from the walkoff tot. I had forgotten they played this over the stadium PA until I heard the shrieks of "OH MY GOD." Anyway, the trip was once again a highlight of my summer and I feel happy to have spent it with those that came. See you next year.

  • WHO is Mike Minor? He's the pitcher making his MLB debut with the Braves tonight.

  • WHO is Carlos Zambrano? He's the kooky Venezuelan hothead making his first start in more than a month for the Cubs.

  • CAN Tampa steer out of their tailspin against Detroit?

  • WOULD you like the Tailspin theme song stuck in your head for the rest of the night? Click here.

See you tomorrow, same WoW channel. GIMME THEM PEANUTS OLD MAN.

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Not to sound like Joe West here but how does a 2-1 game last over 3 and a half hours?

Uncle Ernie there glaring at the camera in disapproval puts that picture - which I will call "Catshirt Compatriots" - into the realm of the absolutely spectacular.

Delayed memory: man with skullet wearing a YES (the pr0g rock band) tour t-shirt.

EdB, Uncle Ernie disapproves because some hipster has the same glasses.
Little Ernie's smile is the right response to the catshirt cabal.

Even though I had floor seats for one of the best fights ever, I am still jealous.

Looks like it was a blast.

"Glasses stealing hipsters! I fuckin' hate 'em all!"

Kris is man pretty

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