Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, trying to look small is the hardest of them all.

  • WHAT is the pitching matchup of the night? Duh, it's Cliff Lee vs. David Price in what also happens to be the series of the week. I think I speak for the whole WoW editorial staff when I say "Go Rangers."

  • WHY does the dude in that video get knocked down by a fly ball? Who is he, Jacoby Ellsbury?

  • CAN the Dodgers salvage the four game split in Atlanta or will they fall to just a single game over .500? Wha happund?

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Cliff Lee's BB/K rate this year is 3/497. Or something close to that.

I would like to call out the earlier post about that dipshit Rob Dibble and how it alluded to the issue of whether it's proper that we steer girls to that abomination known as, softball. Interesting subject, and one that deserves robust discussion. That is all.

I'm all for more girls playing softball. I mean, we HAVE to start 3 broads on my co-ed work team, and it's a bitch to find 3 chicks week in and week out. And when they do show up, they suck. It's so stupid.

I, too . . . er, uh . . . support the more broads platform.

Gorge there's a whole book about why girls should play baseball and not softball and how historically, it was sporting goods magnate Albert Spalding who decreed that women shouldn't play the sport. I recommend we all read it.

Stolen Bases: Why American Girls Don't Play Baseball by Jennifer Ring

Rob, thanks for that--I'll definitely check it out.

I have two girls, one of whom is a terrific athlete, and that's a big part of why this is interesting to me. Also, way back when I played high school ball, a girl at another local school had to go to court to be able to play--there was never a question of whether she was good enough (she ended up winning and started at 1B for two seasons), just a question of whether she had the right.

Finally, although I admire the skill required to play fastpitch, it's an unbearably ugly bastardization of baseball, and it seems a shame that girls really have very little option to play the latter.

Good to know about that book. The more I think about the fact that girls aren't "allowed" to play baseball, the dumber it seems.

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