Tonight's Questions

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Hey lids, stay on your jars.

  • HOW awesome is Vin Scully? At this point in my life, having seen the game as a fan and also in the clubhouse, he's just my very favorite dude. Check out the joke he made in yesterday's press conference saying he'd be returning in 2011.

  • WHO will be calling Manny Ramirez's home games> Looks like soon it won't be Vin anymore.

  • IS it raining everywhere on the East Coast or just here in New England? Either way only the Red Sox (FISTER LACKEY) are likely to be affected in the AL East/AL Wild Card. New York is in Toronto and the Rays are in sunny Anaheim.

  • WILL the Braves lose anymore ground to the Phillies? Not likely with Tim Hudson on the hill. Possible since the Phillies take on a Houston team they swept in their only earlier series, but not likely. Hudson is on fire.

  • HOW crazy is that thing about the miners in Chile? MUCHO CRAZY.
Thank you and goodnight. We're the Walkoff Walkers and we'll be here forever. Including tomorrow. Same WoW channel. You too, Dead Western.

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It made my day when the news came out yesterday about Vin returning for the 2011 season.

That guy from Dead Western is legitimately disturbing.

Underratted playoff race of the week:
There are 6 teams within 2 games of eachother fighting for two playoff spots with one week to go in the regular season. That's some serious high drama.

No Fear

I know of at least one team that is not in contention. Ahem.

Kinda disturbing but also really compelling. Saw him at an all nite show at like 3AM this past weekend.

The Foo Fighters sound like shit in that video.

An all-night show? I saw Flipper once and they promised to play as long as people gave them drugs. They played their entire catalog at least four times.

I did drugs all night once and watched every episode of Flipper four times.

I also masturbated furiously to the Sears catalog.

Four times. At least.

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