Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I've been fined by Mother Nature

  • READY to see the Selig Statue? There. Thrilling.

  • A string ensemble? Really?

  • IS this really Rocco Baldelli's Twitter? I want to believe he likes Phish.

  • WHAT is a more compelling reason to watch the Cardinals/Pirates tonight: To see Adam Wainwright make a serious case for NL Cy Young over Roy Halladay or to see Albert Pujols' rather legitimate shot at a Triple Crown take shape. Couldn't have happened to a more self-righteous fan base!

  • AND will either of those things matter to the pious, custard guzzling fans of St. Lou if they finish behind the Reds?

  • CAN the Blue Jays improve to 7-4 against the Yankees?

  • WILL the rain allow the Mariners and Red Sox to play? Johnny Damon isn't going back to Boston. Okay, fine. Coulda been fun.

  • WILL American Airlines change their tune on charging extra for coach seats now that they've felt the wrath of Cruise Planners News? Don't miss 3:00 where Paul says he hopes to see plans for a new Chinese light rail service "come to tuition." <3<3<3
See your smiling faces tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

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Give me the custard, old man!

It takes some real talent to completely mess up Audio/Visual sync like that. Way to go, Cruise Planners!

God bless Cruise Planners.

That was the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, actually. Perfect for Bud, who usually SEEMSPHONY amirite?

Self-righteous(my fellow Cards fans and I) or self-loathing(Phillies fans)? I'll take self-righteous 8 days a week.
And yes, it will matter to us, no matter where the team finishes. We're shallow like that, ya see...

So who firebombed the Walkoff Walk Auction league?

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