Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it just keeps growing.

  • DID any playoff pictures become clearer over the weekend? Well, the Red Sox, Cardinals, and Giants didn't do themselves any favors, but at least San Francisco is still within two of the wild card.

  • BUT wouldn't they feel better if they were chasing a team without Roy Halladay? He's starting against the Dodgers tonight.

  • WILL Manny Ramirez make a big splash in his first game with the White Sox?

  • WHAT are you, stupid? Like he was going to report to his new team right away. He's skipping today because he probably has to come back to Boston to get his hair done or down to the Dominican Republic to ride some waterslide first. My prediction for his impact in the AL Central race is BUBKIS. White Sox play the Indians.

  • WHICH also ran will make the best spoiler in the deadlocked AL East race? Oakland (in New York) or Toronto (in Tampa)? With six games separating them from any other Wild Card team the Yankees and Rays are reeeeaallly gonna have to screw something up to miss out on the postseason (fingers crossed).

  • DID you hear that Rinku got promoted? Happy day!

  • IS Boeing delaying the Dreamliner just to piss off Paul Beletiere and the fine folks at Cruise Planners News? I say yes.
Go home and do some laundry. You smell like a hamper full of kitchen rags. See you tomorrow, same WoW Channel.

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What I most love about Paul is that he does these things weekly, yet he never improves. Stay hot, Paul!

Watch the third person that "walks by" in the background. She gets to the second "n" then completely vanishes.

Is Paul part of the LOST phenomenon?

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