Washerwife: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Astros at Philles, 1:05: I don't imagine many people have their eyes fully open at a 1 o'clock Thursday game in Philly. Like if you asked people what they had for breakfast 70% of respondents would say "beer" and the other 30% would say "weed." I love that town. Longest Tenured Astro Wandy Rodriguez takes on Kyle Kendrick as Houston goes for the HILARIOUS 4 game sweep.

  • Dodgers at Brewers, 2:10: The Dodgers got a broom but no one really cares anymore do they? It's ovah. This has been the lousiest season I can remember as a fan. Started okay then losses piled up and I had to pay way more attention to the loathesome owners then I ever cared to. Burn the whole thing down and start over, please. Thank God we still have Vin. Here's that awesome old Brewers song.

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Kris, is you a secret Dohyer fan?

Kris, you forgot about riot juice.

Four game sweep is but three outs away. There will be no LOLs in the Meech household tonight, people.

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