Weekend Questions

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  • DO you want to read a guest piece I did at Looking Glass Magazine? Of course you do.

  • ANOTHER weekend, another Mets-Phillies series? I got my popcorn ready.

  • WHICH cuisine will reign supreme when Northern California and Southern California square off for the NL West this weekend? The Padres pack up their fish tacos to head up I-5 and challenge the Giants and their cha cha bowls at AT&T Park.

  • SOMEWHAT RELATED, isn't it cute that Napa and Huntington Beach are tussling in the regional semis for the right to represent California in the Little League World Series? Their game is on ESPN2 at 5PM today.

The week has ended which means we release you from your shackles and you can go run and play. Be back here Monday. Same WoW channel.

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I tried to comment on the looking glass sight but is said my comment was "awaiting moderation". Moderation? What's that?

Wouldn't know a thing about it, BCTF. Anyone want to bet I can eat 100 White Castles in 10 hours?

Anyone wanna bet Chief can take 100 dumps in 10 minutes?

One white Castle every 6 minutes over the course of a workday? PSHAW.

The better question is, can you go to White Castle ten consecutive times and not get mugged?

The better question is, can you go to the bathroom at White Castle ten consecutive times and not get herpes?

The better question is, can you not get stoned on the way to White Castle and get caught up in some crazy antics and shenanigans?

The Crave Case is your best friend. Or at least that bitchy friend who stabs you in the back later.

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