Weekend Questions

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Hey, kids don't let it get dicey.

  • WHO on earth would destroy a Jackie Robinson statue? And WHY were Nats officials trying to cover it up? This is a pretty egregious crime and depending on the circumstances is a borderline hate crime. Can we find the idiot Nats fan that did this, please? We'll only have to interview like 20 people.

  • DOES Carlos Beltran owning a restaurant make you more or less likely to eat there? He joined up because he loved the place, yet is immediately talking about changing the menu. What could possibly go wrong?

  • WHAT is the most consequential series of the weekend? I'm going with with Giants at Cards. Respecitvely they're 1 and 2 games behind the Phillies for the wild card, and tomorrow's matchup is Linecum/Carpenter.

  • DO you always want gum whenever you hear Tie Your Mother Down? Vigorsol!

  • WILL the Rays and Yankees flip flop in the standings again? New York has the Mariners in town and Tampa is still in Oakland where they lost last night.
Have a good weekend, my people. Go forth and see sports or shows or both. Stay vigilant. Until later, same WoW channel.

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The Eater story about Beltran's restaurant cites a Post story, where reader "Hambone" opines:

"Can't wait to have the microfractured leg of lamb."


You know what? Good for Beltran. He's gonna need something to do when he's on the DL agai - I MEAN, DURING THE OFF-SEASON

Lou Piniella to step down TODAY. Can't even make it to the end of the year.

It's like seeing a horse put down at the track.

I guess I;m supposed to be sad Pinella is retiring.

I can't muster the tears though. I'm a bastard.

Lou Pinella was supposed to retire. He had the most promising retirement announcement out of all the other contenders. But he cut it short halfway through, so he could save the rest of it for a "later date".

He then got swept out of the press conference and never got another opportunity. This happened two years in a row.

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