Who Is The Best Greek Baseball Player Of All-Time?

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Mike Moustakas is a phyllo eating manbeast. The Royals farmhand went nuts for AAA Omaha last night going 4 for 6 with 3 funny bones and 11 RBI. Tiropita! Overall this season he has 34 of those ding dongs which has helped propel him to a 1.010 OPS. It's just too bad the big league club is so chock full of talent that he can't get his shot yet. What are they waiting for, a Greek economic rebound?

While my people have a storied history of inventing and perfecting just about everything, MLB has never really been our domain. I'm sure this isn't all-inclusive, but this Wikipedia page lists 14 major leaguers. Not exactly a murderer's row but still has a couple noteworthy names on it. It's true that I pitched a no hitter in Little League but I never made it past high school and am probably the best Greek Finder Of Outre Baseball YouTube Videos. So who then is the best Greek player of all-time? I'll rank em, 5-1.

  • 5. Nick Markakis: Perhaps I should have just done a Top 4. But still, he's one of the best players on his team. Even if it is the Orioles.

  • 4. Milt Pappas: Actually shortened his name from Pappastediodis, career 110 ERA+ two All-Star teams.

  • 3. Gus Triandos: Made 4 All-Star teams, received an MVP vote in 4 separate seasons, as a catcher often led the league in passed balls and as a runner in times caught stealing.

  • 2. Eric Karros: 1992 RoY, finished 5th in MVP voting in 1995, 284 career HRs.

  • 1. Tino Martinez: GREEK MOTHER, finished 2nd in MVP voting in 1997, 2 All-Star teams, 339 career HRs.

So there you go. The best Greek major leaguer ever had the last name Martinez. We invented Democracy.

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My aunt had a Pappastediodis performed last year. Poor thing, she was laid up for a week.

Joe DiMaggio had more talent in his stool than the entire history of Greek baseball players.

Top ten things Italians do better than Greeks:

10. Art
9. Inventions
8. Music
7. Food
6. Movies
5. Sports
4. Lovemaking
3. Comedy
2. Wifebeating

and most importantly

1. They screwed up the entire European economy just a little bit less.

Nick Markakis prefers you call him "Roccopoulos" as God intended.

Also, how about some extra special love for Alex Anthopoulos, who did some advanced scouting for the Greek national baseball team ahead of the Athens Olympics. He's otherwise famous for being the general manager of the 2012 American League East champions.

(TIE): Inability to talk without moving your hands and counterfeiting olive oil.

Rob's list should read "Top ten things Italians STOLE FROM the Greeks."
#11. Sheep.

Best Greek Baseball Owner of All-Time: Peter Angelos


What? No Gyro Gearloose?

Got any more sweet links from 2k6?

The hat says baseball, but the single, white gloves says "I worship Hal Sutton".

I'd wager $10,000 that I'm better than Rob at everything on his list except wifebeating and inventions.

My "Bear Hands" fake paw oven mitts never took off.

Liakos totally beat Kutchar to the whole trucker hat thing and the whole man-pretty thing.

Also, please note that my team was sponsored by the party store in town, Gala Greetings.

Try intimidating opponents with that on your hat.

@Kris, remember the last time you made a wager with Rob?

In a related story my rec league soccer teams is sponsored by a jewelry store in town, Gaalaas Jewelers. We are currently dominating the competition (after two games) in our first year in the league.


Little league teams? Rec soccer teams? What is going on here?

I'm still shocked the WoW fantasy football league hasn't filled up yet.

/defending champ

Did Matt T help you get into the playoffs last year like he helped you this year in WoWFBB when he rolled over for you the last week?


@BCTF, my team was just that much better than matt's. I also seem to remember beating your team 10-0 this past season.

Even though I had to bow out last minute last year I would gladly participate in WoWFFB this year if invited again. *Cough, Cough, Rob, Cough Cough*

I know. Matt's team blew. Like I said, I am just bitter that I just missed the playoffs.

Eat shit BCTF.

Why the hate Rob?

I, too, would play WoWFFB. As long as it's free.

/not Jewish, browses "Jewish Sports Legends" pamphlet

Anyone not named BCTF can email me for an invite to WoWFFB.

That's cold Rob. What did I do to you?

Ironically, it's actually called 'The No BCTFs League.' Seems awfully specific, but what do I know?

BCTF, I'm guessing you were born, and then it went downhill from there.

I'm guessing it might have something to do with Fox News.

I don't think that's it UU. I don't even watch Fox News.


A prerequisite for the league is also a cool music/football mashup team name.

Did you ... did you hit on Sally? Because Jeff (BorL) did that, and Rob totally made him leave NY and move home to North Carolina.

Rob's a little guy, but he swings a mean Easton.

Chuck Knoblach might root of Iracane's hatred

@The Colonel
How about "Whiskey in the Carl Eller"?

"Rape Me Ben Roethlesberger"

Hey, what Brady Quinn says to himself as he goes to sleep every night is his own business.

BCTF abandoned the league last year on draft day. He's banned for one year.

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