Baseball Obama and Regular Obama Shame Their Constituencies

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Something magical happened in Fall of 2008 for progressive dudes Barack Obama and David Price. Obama was on his way to a historic victory in the Presidential election and Price was a surprising young reliever for the American League champion Tampa Bay Rays. Their worlds collided the day after the Rays defeated the Red Sox in Game Seven of the ALCS when Price and some of his teammates campaigned for Obama, prompting Walkoff Walk to dub Price "the Barack Obama of baseball".

But both gentlemen have created a flap recently by criticizing their respective constituencies for their perceived uncaring attitudes. To wit, here's President Barack Obama speaking out against Democratic voter apathy in a Rolling Stone interview to be published on Friday:

"People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up. Making change happen is hard and if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place. It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election."

And here is David Price, commenting on his Twitter feed, about the low attendance at Tropicana Field for a game in which the Rays could have tied up a playoff spot:

We've already hollered at Joe Maddon for ignoring extenuating circumstances when criticizing the Rays fanbase for not showing up. And as for Obama, well, the American people just don't respond well to lecturing by smart folks. They're far too dumb. Both guys done goofed by calling out their base when they should have been encouraging them with positive support.

Because as the proverb goes, you can draw more flies with raw organic forest honey than with sherry vinegar. The average American voter, like the typical Tampa Bay Rays fan, has the memory capacity of a housefly, so you better treat 'em well right now. They don't seem to remember the good times you had in 2008.

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What Baseball Obama and the President don't realize is that their successes were created by the Illuminati, much like their recent 'public relations issues'

They are being set up, and don't seem to realize it.

Price is going to get a 4 year exension after this and completly under deliver on his promise to be a solid number 1 starter. When peoplse start to question his pitching abilitiy his going to blame all of his troubles on Scott Kazmir.

Really, "buck up?" I hate that expression because it makes me think of Joe Buck.

Scott Kazmir is a war criminal.

It's official: I'm sick of this "attendance flap" bullshit and it's not even a full 24 hours yet.

Jonah Keri doesn't think you are taking the Rays seriously enough.

Did you realize he has a book coming out on the Rays?

"Ladies and gentlemen, your San Antonio Rays!"

Wrong, Southside Johnny is going to buy a controlling interest in the team and they're gonna move to East Rutherford and become the New Jersey Jukes.

No one moves to New Jersey by choice.

New Jersey Jukes? More like New Jersey Jerks, AMIRITE?!?!

*ahem* sorry


Joe Maddon and Portland: A Hipster Match Made in Heaven. Make it happen, Phil Knight!!!

No one roots for Cleveland teams by choice.

"the New Jersey Jukes"

Not to be confused with the New Jersey Mooks.

Yeah, but I can move out of Cleveland. You can't...oh, wait, nevermind.

Oklahoma City Super Sonics

No one reads this site by choice. In fact, my head is in one of those reverse bear traps like in Saw.

If I don't click on at least two aricles per day, Rob will drop the hammer.


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