Chris Volstad, Gaby Sanchez And/Or Jeffrey Loria: Email Me And I Will Fight You

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Hey Volstad, congratulations on being the first jar of Hellman's Mayonnaise to make it to the majors. I'm sure everyone back home at the mathematical center of America is very proud. If you threw at me twice in the same game I'd smoosh your head between two graham crackers like the giant marshmallow that it is. Nyjer Morgan's crime was trying to steal a base... down by 11. Is it Stupid Old Man Baseball Code Opposite Day? Not only is that so backwards that only a Marlins fan could agree with it, but you're also a huge wimp. It's easy to be the enforcer when it's 9 on 1. You can reach me at and we'll fight.

Gaby Sanchez, not only does your name make you sound like an actress from The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants but you're also a cheapshot artist. Email me and we'll arrange a time for me to drop you faster than John Lackey. I'm serious.

Jeffrey Loria, I'm always up to fight you out of principal, and this is your team, so I figured I'd throw it out there. Be in touch.

Nyjer, you're our new Milton Bradley since he doesn't play baseball anymore. Stay righteous. Keep being singled out for having an actual personality, for acting like a human, and god forbid, running over A CATCHER. That's what they're there for! Walkoff Walk has your back. For real, I'll fight anybody.

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There's nothing righteous about Nyjer Morgan, mostly because he is not good at baseball.

Hey, he's led the league for two straight years... in being caught stealing.

Yeah, I still don't see what Morgan did wrong in this entire Marlins series. The Fish announcers sound like whiny little schmucks.

We have so little to enjoy as Marlins fans. Let us have this moment.

According to the 2000 census, the mean center of population in the United States is near Edgar Springs, Missouri. I do not know if they are proud.

The More You Know . . .

I will donate $100 towards any costs associated with Liakos fighting any one he's called out.

Due to Kris' Greek bloodlines I expected him to end this post with, "Madness? This is Sparta!"

How is it bad form to steal bases when you're down by that much? At least he's trying to do something to help his team. Are you just supposed to sit back and say, "fuck it, we're down by 10, time to give up." So then it's really bad form for the Nats to have gotten all those hits and tried to tie the game up.

Anyone else hear how many times the Fish announcers called out Pat Listach for hitting the pile?

Old Man Baseball Code 112.7: In the absence of a mercy rule, a team that is down by eight (8) runs or more must cease and desist all so-called "smallball" offense-generating tactics, and take their beating like proper gentlemen.

New School Baseball Code 99: Don't throw behind a former Western Hockey League player. They like 'em mean in Saskatchewan.

This doesn't happen very often but I agree completely with what Kris has to say. The Boone that's on Baseball tonight was yapping about how Morgan deserved the second one because he stole two bases. Morgan got hit because he played aggressive the day before and to get him back he stole some bases when on them. That's pure non-violent protest there. A few years back the Twins were playing the White Sox and AJ was being AJ. He spiked Morneau's foot at first base and was being an overall jack ass. Instead of being goons and throwing the ball at AJ the Twins just kept stealing bases on him throughout the game even when they were up by a bunch. That's how you get back at someone.

Plus this was the fourth inning. Anything prior to the 6th is fair game.

Greek Goes Goofy, Fights Fish Financier.
I'd pay my body weight in feta to see that.

Stealing third base down by eleven runs is not unsportsmanlike, it's just dumb. The potential of making an out on the basepaths does not help the cause.

He did score on a sac fly that inning so it did help their cause. I agree that under normal circumstances it would be completely stupid to risk an out to play for one run when down by that much but it's his way at getting back at them for throwing at him.

1) Even though it didn't happen against the Fish, his cheap shot elbow of the Cards' (I think) catcher a few days ago was totally bush.

2) He had PLENTY of room to slide in when he bowled over the Marlins' catcher. Plenty.

3) Remember when he threw a hissy fit like a traveling pants-wearing bitch when he didn't come up with that catch, and the ball was still in play? Awesome personality, there.

Nyjer Morgan is a hot-headed punk. But I agree that stealing two bases down 10 runs or whatever is not a plunkable offense, even if stealing third is a "risk."

Technically, we should all be waiting until Glenn Beck voices his opinion on the matter before we can make ours.


Morgan is an A-hole and it sucks having to defend him but this time I think he was in the right. The dirtiest play was by Sanchez. He completely blindsided him with a straight arm. He acted like Morgan was lunging after some defenseless dignitary and is was his job to stop him. I think he has watched "In the Line of Fire" one too many times. For that dirty play my new nick name for him is "Gabby 'Dirty' Sanchez"

I'll give Morgan props for pressing the Triangle button just before he got to Volstad, turning a mediocre left jab into HADOUKEN

Gaby Sanchez became my favorite Marlin yesterday. You sound bvtthurt, OP. You bvtthurt?

Peace out, 1st & last time I ever visit this nonsense BLOG

Ha, somebody bothered to troll Walkoff Walk. I needed that, my day hadn't been silly enough until now.

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