Don Mattingly's Son Traded By Team Don Mattingly Manages

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Ever play on a little league team with the coach's kid? Ever play on a little league team with the coach's absolutely awful at baseball kid? Starting every game and hitting third while taking flyballs to the face and hopelessly flailing at every pitch. Nepotism is as old as humans living in groups and its worst manifestations are often in youth sports. Oh well, there's no real harm in boosting your kid's ego when those games are just supposed to be for fun.

But there's real consequence and real money involved in pro sports. Just ask Pete Rose! If he'd ever had the chance to start the abominable Pete Rose Jr. in a game you can be sure he'd have been betting on the other team. This weekend the Dodgers angled to take that potential quandary out of future manager Don Mattingly's hands by trading his light hitting son Preston to the Indians.

Preston Mattingly, the Dodgers' No. 1 draft pick in 2006, batted .218 with two homers and 17 RBIs at the Class-A level this season. He struck out 51 times in 165 at-bats.

The 23-year-old Mattingly bats and throws right-handed. His best season as a pro came in 2006, when he hit .290 with a home run and 29 RBIs for the Dodgers' rookie-level team in the Gulf Coast League.

Last night while the skipper slept the Dodgers also traded in his station wagon and sent his cuckoo wife to Russian Psychic School. I guess after a couple years of Joe Torre's Managerial Narcolepsy the club is trying to make Ol' Donnie as uncomfortable as possible so he stays on his toes. Either that or the McCourts have so soured on the idea of the family unit that they're trying to destroy everyone else's.

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Getting traded from the Dodgers should be reason for celebration. It's like being safely ejected from a car that's about to go careening off a cliff.

Pete Rose Jr., Preston Mattingly, and Chris Duncan walk into a bar . . .

Dale Berra is pissed that you excluded him from that joke.

I am pissed that you made a "careening off a cliff" reference without mentioning a Segway.

There has to be a comprehensive list of crappy spawn of baseball players/coaches. Could also add Cody McKay.

John Henry Williams is far too busy desecrating his father's legacy to be involved in such petty discussions.


Shelly Duncan takes umbrage at his exclusion and the ensuing fight he starts is in no way meant to distract from his lack of talent.

That's not even beginning to talk about Toby Gardenhire...

/paging BC

Toby Gardenhire is worse than his old man at baseball. That's saying a lot.

Favorite Ozzie Quote
“And if you think I as a horse[bleep] hitter, you should have seen Ron Gardenhire.”

That "dad" looks like the lovechild of Kirk Gibson and Clint Howard.

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