Finding A Long Gray Hair: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • Blue Jays at Yankees, 1:05: Steroid freak Ivan Nova drops the plunger on his 3rd major league start. The Blue Jays have won seven of twelve in the season series but the the Yankees are as hot as they've been all year having won 6 in a row put 1.5 games between themselves and the Rays. More playoff games from Yankee Stadium. Thrilling. Joe Buck's bony ass must slide right into the contours he's put in that announcer's chair. Juan Guzman gets the start for the Blue Jays.

  • Mets at Cubs, 2:20:

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There have only eight playoff games at Yankee Stadium? And Joe Buck hasn't even worked all of them. Plus I'm pretty sure he has a meaty ass. Your facts just don't check out, Liakos.

Ivan Nova and Juan Guzman sound like names of baseball players on the Bases Loaded video game series.

Damn... 8 game suspension for Nyjer Morgan... so he'll sit for 15 games if his current appeal is denied.

MLB Layeth Down The Hammer

That totally crushes the Nats playoff chances

It's a race to see who comes back first: Nyjer from suspension or Strassy from surgery.

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