Hipster Manager Gives Team Permission to Dress Like Schmucks

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In honor of the 1917 Chicago White Sox manager Clarence Henry "Pants" Rowland, whose team won the World Series despite being no-hit twice during the season, Rays manager Joe Maddon, whose team has been no-hit twice, perfect-gamed once, and one-hit thrice this year, has ordered his team to wear ugly pants on their next road trip. Get it? Pants! The team can choose from any of the John Daly-endorsed line of hideous pant products at Loudmouth Golf.

Tacky, yes, but not nearly as bad as the time Tommy Lasorda made the 1991 Dodgers wear pinky rings and comb their hair into a duck's ass...for the entire season.

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Maddon is slipping. Tweecore is so early 2k10.

Too bad I don't have photoshop. If I did, then Autograph-seeking Iracane woulda been in that picture faster than you can say, "You know what this picture needs? Autograph-seeking Iracane."

I thought you'd all be delighted to know that I passed the ethics test I took Heist Friday morning, which proves once and for all that I didn't steal Kris' wallet while we were doing shots of whiskey

I have to call bunk on this post. Those pants clearly make him look like a schmendrick, not a schmuck.

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