Hockey Guy Does Baseball-y Stuff, Nyjer Morgan Shrugs

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That's superstar Sidney Crosby of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins taking batting practice at PNC Park and doing his best Pedro Alvarez impression: Crosby, despite making the big bucks on the ice swatting at pucks, has the ability to clobber a baseball straight out of a baseball stadium. Sheesh, what a pretty swing! Put a first baseman's glove on this kid and sign him immediately, Mr. Huntington.

The Penguins strolled over to the park after promoting the NHL Winter Classic down the street at Heinz Field by shooting pucks through the uprights. No word if the team walked a few blocks north to visit their cousins at the National Aviary.

(we owe a six pack of icy Coke to Wyshinski and his crew over at Puck Daddy)

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Proof, once again, that all hockey players do in the summer is play golf and softball. Sigh.

If you're a Maple Leaf you can add "spring and" between the "the" and the "summer', Drew.

Your forgot the "ZING"

Boom! Lucky for me I'm a smug Habs fan. The Heist gave me ample opportunity to brag to both Caps and Pens peoples, which was nice.

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