Labor Day Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, have some tomato wine.

  • WHAT do you think the venn diagram of people who go to Burning Man and people who read Walkoff Walk looks like? I think it looks like commenter Chief Wahoo.

  • IS this series with the Reds the Cardinals' last shot at saving their season?

  • WHAT is up with the Padres? They're in total freefall and their lead in the West is down to 3 games. We know one Padres fan, and he blames it all on Sports Illustrated. Of course he does.

  • HOW will the Red Sox and Rangers affect the AL Central this weekend? They've got series with the White Sox and Twins respectively. I couldn't be less interested in the Manny As A White Sock subplot. It's like caring about Gary Cherone fronting Van Halen... if you're one of the morons that cared about Van Halen in the first place.

  • WHAT is this crazy dame talking about? We need to leave politics out of sports, amirite guys!? /runs finger around collar.

Have a good long weekend, Friends of Frempkins. I've got rain to look at. See you Toozday. Same WoW channel.

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If by "burning man" you mean the way it felt when I peed before the amoxicillin kicked in then yes, that would be accurate.

It's all about Van Hagar, amirite?

I was hoping that first link was to Venn diagrams.

Van Hagar was fun and all, but let's be honest - It's all about "Hot for Teacher" and The Dumbest Dick Joke Known To Mankind therein. "I brought my PENCIL!!!"

Chief, amoxicillin is the one thing on this planet I'm allergic to (aside from seasonal stuff like pollen, dander, etc). Learned that the hard way.

Chief wouldn't just GO to Burning Man; he'd stumble upon it while driving across the desert with War Kong Wai and Stanley Tucci, scouting remote shooting locations. They would set up an impromptu hot pot/Neopolitan fusion food tent whose dishes featured hallucinogenic mushrooms, and Chief would have kick-ass photos of the entire weekend.

And Chief's food tent would be clothing optional, of course.

Of course.

War Kong Wai and Stanley Tucci

I fucking love you guys.

Awesome video, Video Sommelier.

Just finished laughing for about 2 minutes at Ed's comment.

That's 9 in a row for SD.

The dumbest dick joke known to mankind is John Sterling.

By the way, I got a teaching gig. Expect my comments to plummet from twice a week to once a week.

Congrats Farthammer! Let the corruption of young minds commence.

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