Matt Diaz Will Just Do Your Job For You, Klutzy Security Guard

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The best part of this video of Braves outfielder Matt Diaz tripping a Phillies fan who rushed the field is the slovenly Citizens Bank Park security guard who tripped over his own feet in pursuit of the red runner. For shame, anonymous security guard! Get thyself to the gym and do some consarned cardio.

And the best joke I've seen about the incident goes to Ted Berg:

(video originally captured by ardent Braves fan and meme superstar Matt_T)

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Best performance by a Diaz in Philly since Bo.

It's always scummy in Philadelphia.

Farnsworth came on later to pitch and Chip said 'it's a good thing he wasn't in the game when the fan ran on the field'

Chip and Farnsworth need to do a buddy cop movie.

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