Payback For Tom Candiotti - 1992

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What you're seeing here, according to the YouTube user, is the pilot episode of a hidden camera TV show called Payback. And since there is as little information about this show as you're likely to find on IMDB, I'm gonna take Chuckzvideo's word for it. The portly bespectacled host sure has to press a lot of buttons to get the show started. They didn't have enough money to hire someone else to do that?

But hey, if you were trying to start up a blockbuster TV program why wouldn't you use the high powered celebwattage of The Candy Man? He had a pretty great 1991 split between Cleveland and Toronto and apparently that gave him license to wear tracksuits to interviews and be pathologically jealous of his poodle haired girlfriend.

When this A+ hoax is revealed, Tom's body language betrays a sense of immense relief almost as if he was about to use his knuckles to make a sandwich instead of throw a floater. YOU ALMOST GOT CANDIOTTIED, LADY.

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Donna and Tom later married and, not surprisingly, got divorced. Also, Donna pretty much broke up Tom's first marriage with the mother of his two kids, Debra. Here's a California Supreme Court ruling that prevented Debra from disseminating disparaging information about Donna's driving record. And if you've got 45 minutes of your life to throw away, here's an interview with Donna after the marriage broke up where she talks about that court case.


I think that host was Flounder from Animal House. He also starred in The Dream Team with Michael Douglas.

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