People in Ridiculous Pants Succeed in Getting Our Attention

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As promised, Joe Maddon's band of merry upstarts showed off their questionable sartorial taste prior to the start of their road trip to New York. Video evidence, courtesy of Marc Topkin's The Heater blog:

If I ever called this group a bunch of hipster doofuses, I apologize. Rather, they look more like a group of tween girls at a pajama party. One can only wonder how long it would take them to switch pants.

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If NYC criminals wear Yankees caps, what trouble is this group of felons gonna cause?

The role of Joe Maddon will be played by Meryl Streep in the movie version of "The Devil Rays Wear Polyester."

If they win the AL East, this should be the team photo. But, they won't.

This should be the team photo regardless of standings. Stare in awe and gouge your eyes out...

No post about the Big Stein memorial dedication? I hear the statue is magnificent; it's a lifelike bronze cast of a giant pair of asscheeks shitting all over the small market teams.

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