This Tweet In Baseball: Remember This Feature? I Do.

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It's been awhile since the last time we checked out the Twitter feeds of various MLBers and poked fun at them but don't think for a second that our favorite players have stopped dropping crazy tweets. More and more rookies have entered the Tweet-o-sphere and there's not much in the world nuttier than a rookie baseball player. So let's get right at it!

Our pal Meech got into it with Marlins rookie Logan Morrison the other day. Kudos to Morrison for having a great sense of humor and scrapping with the popular Phillies blogger:

Detroit Tigers rookies Will Rhymes and Robbie Weinhardt tussled over which guy had more followers. As of today, Will leads Robbie by 55 followers but the real competition between them can only be decided inside the clubhouse. The ladies out there know what I mean, amirite? Which one of them can eat more chicken wings in a single sitting? Sexy!

Reds pitcher Sam LeCure takes umbrage with the late John Denver, for some reason that is completely unclear. Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the John Denver songbook to remember that tune "Denver, Colorado Is a Dump". (UPDATE: I've been informed this is a Dumb & Dumber reference. Good to know.)

Breakout Rangers starting pitcher C.J. Wilson obviously doesn't like getting his ass handed to him at New Yankee Stadium and prefers the new pitcher-friendly open air park in Minneapolis. Odd, though: he has now gotten his ass handed to him twice at Target Field this season versus just once in the Bronx. What an odd sensation that must be, to have someone else present you with your own posterior.

Reigning NL Rookie of the Year and God-fearin' Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan, who is recovering from a freak pie injury, is spending his ample free time hanging out with equally God-fearin' pop stars, the Jonas Brothers. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that event! Or rather a mosquito laden with malaria so you could exterminate that entire gang.

Lots of Marlins folk are on the Twitters, including rookie sensation Mike Stanton. No MTV? No problem! Don't worry, Mike: you can always catch up on "Jersey Shore" by checking out Dan McQuade's animated GIFs!

Cleveland relief pitcher (re-Cleve-er for short) Jensen Lewis simply cannot get himself enough of that sweet, sweet P.F. Chang's Chinese-style food. In fact, he loves it so much that he needs to personally demolish every single P.F. Chang's location so the rest of us can't get our grubby mitts on his precious dumplings and other assorted deep-fried Pan-Asian cuisine:

Finally, our old friend Ozzie Guillen wished Chicago's Mayor Daley the best in his retirement and then expressed his own crazy idea about the future:

Heck, he's got my vote. And I don't even live in Chicago. Not that it matters, this is Chicago we're talking about.

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Sam LeClure is even dumb for an athlete.

I dunno, "That John Denver is full of shit man" could be the "I hate the fucking Eagles" of his generation.

I'm a LeClure, you're a LeClure.

At least Wilson gets to face the Yankees at the pitcher friendly ball park in Arlington tonight.

I've missed this feature. It's a genius idea.

Also, where was Mike Stanton raised, Mayberry?

I doubt LeCure got more than 10 minutes from Coors Field. Sam, LoDo is not why Denver is a beautiful city.

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