Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, Dink Floyd.

  • WHY did Oakland even bother showing up to their series with the Yankees? They got 1 hit today. Thanks for nothing.

  • DID everybody welcome new commenter "Bvthurtin"? Is that Russian? In any case I hope you said hello because he's never coming back. I think because his caps lock got stuck.

  • WHO'S pumped for the big Indians/Mariners series? Oh well. At least there's FISTER.

  • ARE there any meaningful games tonight? Sorta, there's this makeup game for the Phillies and Rockies. Don't look now but it could be a memorable Roxtember. They've won 7 of 8 and are 5.5 back of the Phils in the WC.

  • WHAT is the funniest thing you've heard about that mindbending Jan Brewer video? I'm going with this Seth Meyers tweet. Her potential reelection reminds me of the old adage: "Fool me... can't get fooled again."

Good night princes and princesses of Kingdom Shrimp. Your love makes me whole. Same WoW channel.

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What, we're not troll worthy?

OOOOOOOOHHH Snap! Bvthurtin just dropped the mic!

Who's OP?

Olive oil-loving Pimentoboy.


I love PTI, but sometimes they show their age. And their blatant allegiances.

TK: "Happy trails, Rob Dibble. The Washington Nationals fired Dibble yesterday after his comments two weeks back that Stephen Strasburg should stop whining about his arm and suck it up. Ok, Dibble was wrong. Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery. But Dibble was a terrific broadcaster - passionate, insightful, and 100% for the Nats. They should NOT have fired him."

Wilbon: "He can't possibly be out of work for long, right? That passion comes through - you got to hear Rob Dibble."


You almost have to admire bvthurt's dedication. If that was really the first time he visited this blog, that means he had to go through the trouble to set up an account first THEN make that dumbass comment! Now THAT is the relentless pursuit of being a fuckwad right there. Do not go gently into that good night, indeed...

What offends me is that you called Bvtthurt your first troll. What am I, chopped liver?

To answer your question about the Indians-Mariners series: no, no one cares. Present company included.

Does WoW have some sort of filter set up that would catch "butthurt" if spelled properly?

Also, I need a bike. Preferably a Carter-presidency-era model with a bum wheel. If you've got one, you know where to find me.

PaNick, that kind of bike will make your bvtthurt.

A begrudging +1 to you Nick.


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