Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, 900 times a night.

Godspeed, speed freaks. We're back tomorrow with Classic TV Friday and other stuff. See you then. S.W.C.

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See you in Spetember.

So what's the deal with the Cruise Planners videos? Is it some sort of running joke how the video doesn't match up with the audio? Or does this guy just not watch his own videos, ever?

On Walkoff Walk, if the question "Is this a running joke" ever crosses your mind, then the answer is always "Yes."

I try to be zen and just let it wash over me. Especially around 1:05 where I have no idea what he is talking about or if he even does.

The Cruise Planners videos are truly entertaining train wrecks. It's like watching those people who can't sing to save their lives but don't know it take the stage at a karaoke bar - they're amazing spectacles for all the wrong reasons.

I'm just enjoying the idea of Paul and his family of four taking the light rail to Denver.

The deal with the Cruise Planners videos, is that they are awesome.

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