Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, hey friends, hey enemies, hey passerby.

We'll see you all tomorrow where the rubber meets the road. Same WoW channel.

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What's better: Seeing a Leigh Keno quote a really high number that starts some old lady into a fit of infectious laughter, or Leslie Keno quote a really low number that sets off a frowny face? Mark Wahlberg really needs to start ending those segments with a slide whistle.

Anytime someone is disappointed by the price it's always special. Cause you can just see the look of "oh how I hope none of my friends that I've wildly speculated the value of this in front of are watching."

The low number reveal is also special because feels like it's become increasingly rare. And you know whose fault that is, right? The Chubb Group.

I bet if you printed out this Tonight's Questions and took it to Antiques Roadshow they would quote you a price of $850,000, seeing how increasingly rare TQ has become.

Some of the recent TQs are hidden and available only to preferred readers, ie the ones who aren't critical dickheads.


That can't be right, I'm not getting them either. Just more evidence that this site sucks.

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