Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, we're getting Weekend At Bernie's wasted.

  • DO you know any Padres or Braves fans? If so, keep em away from sharp objects should either teamlose again tonight.

  • ARE you a Red Sox fan that refuses to give up hope? Well then forget about the Rays, but the Sox still have 6 games against the Yankees. New York has to take on first place Texas this weekend. They've won 4 our of 5 against them this season but still, it's a first place team. Go for the sweep, Rangers!

  • WHAT would the Red Sox have to do then? Basically go undefeated for the rest of the season starting tonight in Oakland. Buchholz/Cahill is your marquis matchup to be sure.

  • ANY of our readers going to Pete Rose Day in Cincinnati tomorrow? Please report back.

  • WILL FSU beat Oklahoma and end the nation's longest home winning streak? EEEEE! I'm cautiously giddy. That usually means the Noles will get blown out.

And what about you? Sitting there all smug in your Herman Miller Aeron Chair. I see you. But I just can't let go. Come back Monday all refreshed. Same WoW channel.

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I'm getting Lost Weekend wasted.

I'm going to 2 of the Braves games this weekend. I am angling to start in centerfield on Saturday.

Matt T and I are wearing matching Ginsu necklaces.

Aaahh, a Youtube clip of a musical act playing to just about nobody... mainly because Weirdo Records is friggin' TINY.

Anyone else buying two cases of assorted pumpkin brews on the way home tonight? Nope, just me, because I wouldn't recognize the word 'moderation' if it was printed on the bottom of a Doritos bag.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step, Nick.

Go Dogfish Head or go home, Nick.

Tomorrow could be doubly bad if Georgia and the Braves lose.

And former UGA killer Pat White just signed with the Royals.


Wilder or Lennon?

(or Nilsson?)

Because if anyone wants to get in on a Lennon/Nilsson Lost Weekend, I. Am. Down.

In March 1974, Lennon began producing Harry Nilsson's Pussy Cats album, thus named to counter the "bad boy" image the pair had earned in the media with two drinking incidents at The Troubadour: the first when Lennon placed a Kotex on his forehead and scuffled with a waitress and, two weeks later, when Lennon and Nilsson were ejected from the same club after heckling the Smothers Brothers.

Lennon thought it would be a good idea for the musicians to live under one roof to ensure they would get to the studio on time, so Pang rented a beach house in Santa Monica, for her, Lennon, Nilsson, Ringo Starr and Keith Moon to live in.

I bought cheap tequila and expensive Cointreau at the licker store tonight. MARGARITAS TO THE LEFT

Allen Ginsburg's corpse looks horrible.

Scene from the Red Sox locker room, circa third quarter of the FSU game:

Beckett: "Looks like the 'Noles forced them to punt."
Drew, incredulous: "How'd they do that?"
Beckett, sarcastic: "Well, Oklahoma ran three plays and did not get enough yards, so..."

Yeah, well it was kind of shocking.

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