Weekend Questions

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  • WHERE have I been all week? None of your business, I don't owe you anything. J/k luv u ;)

  • WILL Joe Torre manage again after leaving the Dodgers? Rob and I both say yes. Rob says the Mets and I say a Tealuxe franchise.

  • WHY can't we get any audio of Jack Clark saying "poopy"? The text is good, but not good enough.

  • WHY watch any baseball that doesn't involve an NL West team this weekend? The top three are still all bunched up and the Wild Card leading Phillies are in Washington to play the nobody Nats (who still managed to take 2 of 3 from ATL).

  • WHO doesn't already own a skeleton baseball vendor halloween mannequin? Jeez, get with it HSN.

  • ANY true believers in Boston going to have one eye on the series with Toronto and one on the Yankees/Orioles? If so, go see an opthamologist.

  • ANYONE out there seen Pavement on this money grubbing reunion tour? I'm hitting up the show tomorrow, but I'm NOT arriving early to see Jenny Lewis with her stupid boyfriend. I don't stay friends with exes.

See you next week. More stuff, I promise. Hang out here and shoot your comment wad all weekend. Bye now. SWC.

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WILL Septwimber coninue this weekend causing a shift in playoff seeding?

A) The Phils are leading the East by 3 games. The Braves are leading the WC.

B) The Phils are at home.

C) Seriously, Catshirt, do you even like baseball? Because I wonder sometimes.

HOW many beers will I enjoy tonight at the Gigantes/Cerveceros game? Probably the same number of runs the Giants score: either 0 or 12.

bobby got ejection #158 tonight

Wow, Top Chef Ed aged pretty poorly between cooking his dessert and serving it.

Is it good or bad that I want to see Bobby get himself thrown out of every game for the rest of the regular season?

do you even like baseball?

Interesting question.

According to our software, since this blog started in February of 2008 I've written 1,162 posts about the game. That's a lot. You've managed to troll about 20 looking for errors like a 5 year old with a Where's Waldo book.

So my answer to your question would be yes, I like the game very much and have written more words about it then you will probably ever write in total about anything ever. Go screw.

You mean "than" not "then".


Do you guys even LIKE Clooney?

I think that grammar is pretty decent for a smug beer soaked post-Pavement show tirade.

Also, I figured people had stopped talking about the Clooney thing since I'd won so decisively.

I'm Clooney. You're Clowney.

MDT is obviously Clooney. I am Brad Pitt. Iracane is the tech expert from Ocean's 11, while Kris can be the Greek from season 2 of The Wire.

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