Baby Jesus Tips His Hand On Bobby Cox Hall Of Fame Vote

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When you picture Bobby Cox you picture him shuffling out to the mound in that Braves windbreaker, cap pulled low over his brow, scowl on his face. How then, were we to know that the whole time THERE WAS A HALO UNDER HIS CAP!? Beyonce was singing about Ol Beatific Bobby all along. He's ten times the Angel that Mike Scioscia could ever hope to be.

Come back tomorrow for more playoff preview wonderfulness. Xoxo same WoW channel.

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Bobby may be an angel, but that oldbro in the bottom right corner is ready to riot

By the headline I thought this story was about Mauer

I hope to one day be a certified oldbro. If I'm not already.

Actually...oldbro reminds me of an oldbro snaking his way to the front during a Kid Dynamite reunion show. Creeps to the stage, executes flawless stage dive, retires to the back to cross his arms and talk about the latest The xx record.

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