Cody Ross Was Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today

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San Francisco Giants outfielder Cody Ross, who in last night's NLDS-clinching win hit a solo home run that broke up Derek Lowe's no-hitter and later hit the eventual game-winning RBI single, was not even supposed to be on the Giants roster. Acquired via a mid-August waiver claim, the Giants didn't even need or want the guy; they were only trying to prevent their desperate, offense-hungry division rival, the Padres, from claiming him.

Turns out that things worked out quite nicely for Giants G.M. Brian Sabean, despite his seemingly bizarre manner of collecting mediocre outfield talent. As if picking up Pat Burrell and Jose Guillen wasn't enough, Sabean threw a gigantic butterfly net over Ross' head and, while they successfully blocked the Padres from working out a trade, they were stuck with their sixth (seventh if you include Aubrey Huff) two-tool outfielder. The Marlins were so ready to part ways with Ross and promote young Cameron Maybin that Jeff Loria himself helped stuff Cody's carry-on with an extra pair of boxer briefs and a souvenir Billy the Marlin bobblehead. Ouch, pointy!

Ross, the accidental Giant, turned out to be the unexpected hero. He finished the series with four hits, three RBI, and one huge homer. There is no MVP in a Division Series, but when all four games are decided by just one run, when any of the games could have easily been won by either team, when the pitching is stout and the defense is questionable at best, I'd have to say that Cody Ross is easily the Most Valuable Unwanted Player of the entire LDS week.

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How was I supposed to know the Friars would historically fall on their faces????

Way to link to nothing Drew.

I'm so embarrassed. Here.

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