Disney Lines Up Squarely Behind Sabermetrics

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All week, baseball fans online have been talking about "MoneyBART," Sunday's episode of The Simpsons that espoused sabermetric principles and featured an opening storyboarded by Banksy. Pfft. This is old hat.

Many people have thought this was the first time baseball statheads have made it on a television program. Not so! The other Saturday, after cartoons, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody came on, and the above clip -- which counts as E/I programming -- clearly shows Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis) talking about how base stealing is overrated, a common sabermetric argument. He claims to have learned in the Baseball Encyclopedia, but we all know he was reading one of Bill James' old Baseball Abstracts.

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Coincidentally, the gentlemanly caretaker, is also Hooch from "Scrubs."

My Evidence

Hooch is crazy...

Pause at the 13 second mark. Is that a young CJ Wilson with the blue baseball glove?

Hate to say it, but I think even Zack & Cody are prejudiced against Phils fans. That baseball tee that the old guy is wearing is eerily reminiscent of a Phillies shirt.

I bet a new baseball episode of Zack & Cody would deal with that old guy's son purposely barfing on Zack while Cody and Hooch discuss the merits of the pitcher's win as a worthwhile statistic.

Actually, I might enjoy that...

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