Doddering Old Man Spins Yarn, Scolds Snoozing Scribe

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They say, "respect your elders". Okay, I try to follow that advice. Our senior citizens are a national treasure; they've got stories to tell we can learn important lessons from. Still, sometimes these old folks tell the same stories over and over and over again so very incessantly that we young folks might nod off while listening. Old folks are simply a rich but repetitive source of oral history and Dodgers legend (and world record-holder for most scungilli consumed in one sitting) Tommy Lasorda is no exception.

Kirk Gibson is auctioning off some of his 1988 World Series memorabilia for charity but could not attend the press conference in Los Angeles. In his stead, Lasorda spoke at the presser about Gibson's famous walkoff home run off A's pitcher Dennis Eckersley. It's a pretty interesting story if you haven't already heard it seventeen times already, including how Mike Davis drew a two-out walk, stole second with two strikes, and yet Eckersley still neglected to walk pinch-hitter Kirk Gibson with the open base. What a cafone!

Later, Tommy mentions that he never saw the ball leave the park because he was too busy ordering a post-game veal parmigiana sandwich from the clubhouse attendant.

Roberto Baly of the superb Dodgers fan blog Vin Scully Is My Homeboy (follow him on Twitter) was there and filmed Lasorda telling his tale. He also caught Lasorda scolding L.A. Times writer Bill Plaschke dozing off during Tommy's talk:

Part 2 - Tommy Lasorda (Kirk Gibson's Auction Items) from Roberto Baly on Vimeo.

The rest of Roberto's videos are here and here. I'll wait until about 11PM tonight to watch the rest of them. Should be a great sleeping aid.

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That speech rivals the Canseco presser in terms of attendance.

I bet Plaschke was there because they told him that some people who ENJOY his writing would be there. They were there Bill, all of them.

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